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an online portal for companies and consulting institutions of the solar thermal industry with comprehensive, up-to-date information about the German solar thermal market. For this purpose, the Solaratlas prepares the extensive database of over 1,130,000 subsidy applications (as of 31.08.2019) from the Market Incentive Programme (MAP) for Solar Thermal Systems of the "Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action" (BMWK) and makes it available to interested users via this website. The database of the subsidised plants can be accessed in full via the solaratlas and is updated monthly by us with the latest data from the BMWi and the "Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control" (BAFA).

Thus the Solaratlas offers an excellent opportunity to observe the current market development for solar plants and to use this information for your own sales planning. The evaluations carried out can be displayed as a diagram, table or on a map and downloaded as a csv file (for use in Excel).

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